Exquisite craftsmanship boutique gathering

More secure air/ocean transportation

 With the core team over 10 years of experience in traditional freight forwarders, JiuFang cooperates with numbers of shipping-lines and airlines with long-term contracts.

Much safer shipping solutions

All solutions are self-established, which is more controllable.  Multiple customs and commodity audit as well as the risk management. Door-to-door commercial insurance covers all shipping solutions on JiuFang’s account.

Exquisite craftsmanship boutique gathering
Exquisite craftsmanship boutique gathering

Much stronger overseas resource

 Owned USA subsidiary/warehouse/trucks, owned UK subsidiary/warehouse/trailer, quality service provider, the network is covering all FBA globally.

Network and facility

Headquarter in Shenzhen, subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Hong Kong with cargo consolidation networks. Owned over 10 sets of vehicles. Operating over 10,000 sq.m. warehouses in domestic cities and overseas countries.

Exquisite craftsmanship boutique gathering

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