Sometimes why the web page is still the content a few days ago?

This may be caused by the caching of the web page on the machine. In most cases, you can close the browser and reopen it, and refresh the page to see the latest updated page. Sometimes you need to manually clear the browser cache, that is, select "Internet Options" under the "Tools" column of the browser, and click the delete button under "Browsing History".

Why can't the webpage be opened sometimes?

If you are surfing the Internet via a LAN, due to the limitation of the bandwidth of the LAN to the outside, there will be a timeout error when connecting to the website.

       If you dial-up the Internet via a telephone line, due to the connection bandwidth, there will be a connection failure.

       If you encounter this kind of problem, please check the network connection first, and if there is no problem, you can reconnect by refreshing the webpage.

Sometimes the content of the web page is not displayed completely?

This is caused by two reasons. One reason is the browser version problem. The most suitable version of this website is IE6.0 or higher. If the version of the browser system used by your computer system is lower than 6.0, you can browse the web completely after updating the IE version.

       Another reason is that Flash cannot be viewed normally due to browser blocking protection settings. If you have installed a web blocking protection system in your system, you need to disable the [Block Flash ads] function in the blocking protection function.


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