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 Return Goods and Label Replacement Service

    As the return address of Amazon FBA warehouse only supports the country where the warehouse is located, it is very inconvenient for domestic sellers to return goods from FBA. In each country, Jiufang Tongxun logistics has its own exclusive overseas warehouse. Therefore, it can not only provide FBA sellers with high-quality, efficient return  service and container changing and labeling service, but also provide a variety of return logistics solutions for customers to choose from, so as to help customers reduce some unnecessary costs and losses.
 At present, the service has covered 8 countries, including Canada warehouse, Japan warehouse, Germany warehouse, UK warehouse, French warehouse, Spanish warehouse, American West warehouse and American East warehouse (In order to receive and resend to warehouse faster, let respective warehouse to processing in the US)


Advantages about Return and Label Replacement Service
✓ not only have nearly 5 years of relevant operation experience, but also be familiar with the withdrawal process of Amazon FBA;
✓ The operation mode of  label replacement is fixed and mature, so the processing time can be up to 2-3 working days;
✓ Long free storage ,provide up to 1 month free for FBA's goods return and bid replacement;
✓ Self-developed ERP system return goods module. It has the advantages of more flexible operation, more fine management and more convenient information interaction.


Special Requirements & Instructions: At present, only accept the return from FBA, not from the buyer! One week free storage for deposit goods; one month's warehouse free period can be provided for return warehousing from the first batch of warehousing date to the warehouse out date; more value-added services, such as packaging replacement, destruction, testing whether the product can be turned on and off normally, and lighting, etc., Please consult the customer service for details.


FBA Return Goods Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
Q:Amazon background can apply to remove the order. If the goods may exit in several times, can you collect the goods in the warehouse and then deliver them?
A: Yes, according to the customer's requirements, our warehouse can first receive the goods and collect all the goods, and then arrange the operation delivery, so as to help the sellers save costs.
Q:Why is the quantity received by the warehouse different from the quantity returned by Amazon?
A:Objectively speaking, Amazon's system and labor may also make mistakes. Before, we have served two customers. The goods were returned from Amazon to our US warehouse and UK warehouse respectively. The boxes received by the UK warehouse were attached with the packing list. However, after the warehouse received the goods, it was found that one was missing. The US warehouse received no list, but it was also one less than Amazon's backstage record. Therefore, the warehouse can only be based on the actual quantity received.

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