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Product description

Canada FBA Air Freight Plus Delivery Special Line 


Canadian's  FBA Frst Leg Air Freight is a special line channel designedand operated by Jiufang independently.

In view of the geographicallocation of Canada,Jiufang Logistics has adopted the mode of separate entry

customsclearance from east to west,combined with truckand express delivery, and then established a new route,

which has the characteristics of stable timeliness,  safety and efficiency.









Advantages about Canadian FBA  Frst Leg Air Freight

✓  Fixed shipping space, guaranteed transport capacity, built-in batteries cargos can arrange directly flight from Hongkong.

 High performance-price ratio, stable delivery of trucks, and no delay in cargo warehousing.

 Faster customs clearance for express shipments, and more favorable customs clearance for collections.

✓  Multi-channel terminal delivery: air freight + express delivery, air freight + truck delivery.

  The timeliness is stable throughout the whole process, and it is expected to completed within 9-11 working days.


















Canada FBA Air Freight
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