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United Kingdom FBA Air Freight Plus Delivery Special Line 

United Kingdom air dispatching special line is a special line channel designed and operated by Jiufang Logistics  independently. It adopts the combination of first leg air freight and terminal multi-channel delivery, so as to meet different customer needs. It not only has the characteristics of time stability in the whole process, but also can provide customers with safe and fast FBA first leg logistic service and the third-party overseas warehouse delivery service.


Advantages about United Kingdom Air Dispatch Special Line Products

Establish British special line (air freight plus delivery)

  • High frequency of channel shipment. It can arrange that the goods entering the warehouse on the same day will be delivered successfully;

  • The air trunk line is rich in resources and has fixed shipping space in China and Hong Kong;

  • The customs clearance of the ETSF/bonded warehouse is carried out in the local country, which does not include  customs clearance of goods invoice and packing list related to import tax, and other goods will not be affected during the inspection;

  • All large FBA warehouses have fixed special vehicles for delivery, such as  BHX4/3/2/1、LCY2、LTN2, etc;

  • Stable and controllable whole process, which can be delivered and signed in 7-10 working days. 

  • Pre-check the goods and customs clearance information according to the customs requirements, so as to reduce the inspection rate;

United Kingdom FBA Air Freight
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