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Australia FBA Air Freight Plus Delivery Special Line 

    Australia's FBA Air Freight Plus Delivery Special Line is online and mature. There are fixed flights every week, and the terminal delivery mode of truck + Express is adopted, so as to deliver to Amazon warehouse and third-party overseas warehouse and commercial address or private address in major cities. Therefore, it is stable and reliable.


Advantages about Australia FBA Air Freight Plus Delivery Special Line 
1. Flight to MEL\SYD for customs clearance;
2. Free of charge to provide Australia import customs clearance number solutions, as well as import customs clearance consultation, tax questions and other services.
3. Make the certificate of origin (COO) of China Australia Free Trade Agreement on behalf of China, so that we can enjoy the tariff free policy of some goods;
4. The professional customs clearance and operation team at the port of destination are not only familiar with the Amazon FBA operation process, but also the timeliness of truck delivery is stable and guaranteed;
5. The timeliness is stable throughout the whole process, and it is expected to to completed within 9-11 working days.

Australia FBA Air Freight
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