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Product description

US FBA Air Freight Plus Delivery Special Line 

  US air dispatching special line is a special line channel designed and operatedby Jiufang Logistics independently.

It adopts the combination of first leg air freight and terminal multi-channel delivery, so as to meet different customer needs.

It not only has the characteristics of time stability in the whole process,but also can provide customers with safe and fast FBA service and the third-party overseas warehouse delivery service.



Advantages about US Air Dispatch Special Line Products

  High frequency of channel shipment. It can arrange that the goods entering the warehouse on the same day will be delivered successfully.
✓  The air trunk line is rich in resources and has fixed shipping space in China and Hong Kong.
  The special line is divided into the western and eastern parts of the United States for customs clearance, so as to shorten the delivery radius at the end and achieve faster time effectiveness.
✓  All large FBA warehouses in the United States have fixed special vehicles for delivery, such as ONT8/FTW1/SMF3/LGB8/LAX9/LAS1/MEM1/MDW2, etc.
  Stable and controllable whole process aging, which can be completed within 7-10 working days.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What information do you need to provide about FDA certified products?
  FDA Factory Registration
  Device Listing#
  Initial US Based Importer Registration#
Regarding American children's products and toys, what are the customs clearance requirements?

 Definition of children's products: products designed specifically for children aged 12 and under or with children as the main user group.
 CPSC Test Report is required.
 Label content requirements: paste a product label with applicable age information, manufacturer and importer information, and a made-in China label. The traceability label shall be pasted on the product and its outer package.

Air Freight
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