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Overseas Warehouse Return Goods and Label Replacement Service

Jiufang Logistics overseas warehouse not only provides global FBA supporting services for sellers, including return goods and label replacement, temporary transfer of FBA and return to Hong Kong or local product testing service, but also covers all Amazon sites. Therefore, compared with others, the warehouse management is more standardized, the process is more professional, the processing time is more guaranteed, and there is also a return plan. Since 2014, in response to the requirements of several full site operation power sellers, Jiufang Logistics began to seek and deploy corresponding local warehouse supporting services in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, so as to minimize some unnecessary costs and losses for customers.


FBA Transit Warehouse Service

 FBA transshipment means that the seller delivers the goods in large quantities to the local transshipment warehouse of Jiufang Logistics, and then sends the goods to the FBA in batches according to the demand, which can not only avoid the high risk of FBA warehouse rent and return, but also resolve the embarrassing situation of insufficient storage capacity. FBA transshipment services have covered six countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan.

FBA Transshipment Service Advantages:
✓ Free storage period up to 1 month;
✓ Very competitive local express delivery costs;
✓ Jiufang Logistics has opened a special line route directly to popular FBA warehouses in many countries. In addition, not only the price is more favorable than express delivery, but also the timeliness is stable, so there is no need to worry about sending warehouses during peak seasons;

Special Requirements & Instructions: Each case should not only have the corresponding shipping mark and case number, but also provide the detailed packing list.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
Q:During the FCL transportation,  can it be done without pallets?
A: Yes, but it's troublesome to unload without palletizing, because the warehouse needs a certain amount of labor. In this way, the warehouse will need to spend more labor costs, and the corresponding unloading charges will also increase.
Q: Recently, most of the FBA addresses assigned by Amazon are in the central and eastern parts of the United States. Sending FBA addresses from warehouses in West America has the disadvantages of too long distance and high freight charges. Do you have any other solutions?
A:Our company has been following up the market trend and Amazon's sub warehouse situation. Therefore, we have also noticed this problem. This year, we have added a new transit warehouse service of American east, which allows both American east and west transit warehouses to operate at the same time, so as to facilitate the sellers to make their own choices according to their own goods' sub warehouses. Therefore, we can provide more intimate services for the sellers, so as to truly save the logistics costs for the sellers.
Q:We are Amazon's VE supplier. Can the warehouse accept Amazon's delivery?
A:Yes, at present, two warehouses in the United States can accept VE self delivery. 


FBA Transit Warehouse
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