How to ship internal Lithium Battery goods (lower than 100WH)

By Riva | October 28, 2021

There’re many Batteries contained shipments selling in Amazon or Walmart, do you ever know the shipping requirements for batteries shipments?                                                                        

For the goods contained Lithium Batteries(lower than 100WH), Please send us two documents as below(you can get it from your suppliers): 

We need to send it to the Shipping Line to check, normally 3-4 working days to get reverts.

1. MSDS Mentioned point:

  • Available expiry, it needs to update every year.
  • Detected by Qualified Institution.

2. Certificate for safe transport of chemical goods (in Chinese) Mentioned points:

  • It is needed for shipments export from China.
  • Available expiry.
  • If ship by Sea, it should have words showed “by Sea” in the report.
  • This report is in Chinese.
Any other requirements, please contact with us, Jiufang Logistics, as the professional E-commerce Logistics Forwarder and Amazon FBA Prep logistics company, will provide you the professional suggestions and solutions.