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JiuFang Logistics was officially qualified by Amazon as FBA Prep shipping service provider, and listed in Amazon’s Solution Provider Network (SPN).

amazon fba prep shipping

JiuFang acts as your on-demand FBA Prep expert

on shipping space

Core team with more than 10
years of experience in traditional freight forwarding, Long-term transportaion contracts with many carriers.

on transportation

Self-built transport ways, more controllable and responsive, Multiple customs and category review and risk control, Door-to-door commercial insurance underwriting.

Global links
with branches & facility

11 branches worldwide, Dozens of vehicles, Ten thousands of square meters of warehousing storage, Amazon full site, High-quality overseas cooperation network.

software system

Own IT development team, API connection, Faster data interaction, 24/7 tracking search & notification, Accurate and efficient document processing.

What we provided for Amazon FBA Prep shipping:

FBA prep Shipping by air
FBA prep Shipping by sea
FBA prep shipping by express
FBA overseas warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Answer: According to the relevant introduction, it can be known that controlled knives are restricted entry and exit articles by the people’s Republic of China. According to the Standard for Defining Controlled Knives, in addition to daggers, three edge scrapers and spring knives with self-locking devices, there are other similar single edge, double-edged and three edged sharp knives, as well as all kinds of single edge, double-edged and multi-edged knives with a sharp angle of more than 60 degrees and a body length of more than 220 mm. If it is controlled knives, it is required to provide the record of controlled knives before shipment. In the actual transportation process, as long as the cutting knives are basically filed, then they can be shipped. Among them, the filing process needs to be carried out at the local police station.

Answer: For the above products, due to the chemical substances involved, they are subject to the relevant control of air transportation. If you want to ship at the domestic airport, you need to provide the Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods; if you want to ship in Hong Kong, you need to provide effective MSDS and product pictures to verify whether the shipment can be carried out. 

Answer: For the built-in batteries are PI967 and PI970, and the power cannot exceed 100W/H, it is necessary to provide effective UN38.3 document + Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods. In addition, it is also necessary to confirm with our company in advance. If the aviation requirements are met, the general cargo channel can be arranged.

Answer: At present, due to the limitation of Amazon’s own unloading capacity, only the United States can accept FCL or LCL, while Japan can accept non palletizing ton truck delivery, while other countries need to palletize and delivery by truck.

Answer: Our company has long-term cooperation with shipping lines in eight countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. They all provide the most efficient direct ships from port to port. Therefore, we have multiple shipping lines with multiple shipping companies, and we can arrange different shipping dates according to the delivery time of customers at any time. 

Customers Review

I've used JiuFang for a couple in-China shipments, and they've been great. This time I had to contact them with a question about the shipment (the seller was going to drop it off at a depot instead of having it picked up) and they replied quickly and helped set up the shipment. Price-wise it's amazing, I can't believe how much I've saved quoting through JiuFang.
Jiufang e commerce logistics customer review
Amazon Seller
JiuFang offers me the very best service. For freight shipping and even courier parcel deliveries too! Their platform is very easy to use. It's simple and well laid out. Easy to understand. My Contact/Agent, Lake has been so helpful! Since Day 1! He is resourceful, knowledgeable, provides amazing customer service and care, he's AMAZING at his job, and he absolutely reduces my stress and worries about shipping and logistics!
Jiufang e commerce logistics customer review
Amazon Seller
So far, I've had a great experience with JiuFang. I've sent a few shipments with them and everything has gone smoothly. Their communication is quick, their paperwork arrives promptly and is accurate, and the rates have been very competitive. When there are questions of some strange circumstance or qualification, they get in touch with me within a day. I have no real complaints and will continue to be a JiuFang customer for sure!
Jiufang e commerce logistics customer review
David Barron
Amazon Seller

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