What's Ocean Freight ?

By Lake | November 17, 2021

Ocean freight,also called Sea Freight,Seaway, is the method of transporting goods through the seaway.

It is an important part of cross-border trade that lets people move massive amounts of goods between countries.

The most common way for ocean freight is called Container Shipping,technically named containerization. With this option, Cargo are shipped using containers with standard sizes of 20GP,  40GP, 40HQ, 45HQ.

The below table provides measurements for the most commonly used shipping containers. 

Type Code

Container Type

Length (Internal)

Width (Internal)

Height (Internal)

Capacity (m3/CBM) Based on real loading data)


20′ Standard Dry Container

5,896 mm

2,350 mm

2,393 mm

26~28 CBM


40’ Standard Dry Container

12,032 mm

2,350 mm

2,393 mm

56~58 CBM


40’ High Cube Dry Container

12,032 mm

2,350 mm

2,698 mm

66~69 CBM


45’ High Cube Dry Container

13,556 mm

2,350 mm

2,698 mm

78~82 CBM

There are two types of shipment in Ocean Freight –FCL & LCL.

The shipping company advises you on whether your shipment needs an LCL or FCL shipment. 

FCL (Full Container Load), is suitable for goods that are huge enough to be transported in one whole container. The goods fill the entire container. If you opt for FCL, you get a dedicated container to transport your goods.

LCL (Less Than Container Load) ,are best suited for goods that are not big/more enough to fill a whole container. So the goods are loaded and transported in a shared container with other people’s shipments. The forwarder/logistics company will provide these LCL seaway service.

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