Riding the Waves: SC Ports' October Triumphs and Challenges

By Dyrus
November 13, 2023

October Unveils SC Ports’ Resilience Amidst Challenges

Ah, October, the month of twists and turns for South Carolina Ports (SC Ports). It’s like a rollercoaster ride—challenges on one side, triumphs on the other. Let’s dive into this compelling tale of resilience and achievement that SC Ports proudly unfolds.

The Phoenix Rise: Container Volumes Soar

In the container world, it’s a bit like witnessing a phoenix rising from the ashes. Despite facing a 9% year-over-year dip in container volumes, SC Ports showed their mettle. The primary culprit? A significant 27% drop in empty volumes. However, the loaded import and export twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) played their part, displaying only a minor 1% downturn.

Wando Welch Terminal Hits New Heights

Picture this: the Wando Welch Terminal, where history takes a bold leap. In October, it etched its name in the record books by handling a staggering 116,745 pier containers. That’s not just breaking records; it’s shattering them. March 2021’s milestone? A distant memory.

Reflecting on this feat, Byron Miller, SC Ports’ Chief Commercial Officer, exclaimed, “The Southeast is a hot spot for folks and businesses. South Carolina Ports, with its strategic investments, is here to support this growth. We’re the go-to gateway on the U.S. East Coast, offering reliability and a slice of the booming market.”

Beyond Containers: SC Ports’ Diverse Triumphs

But wait, there’s more to this story. SC Ports didn’t stop at containers; they unleashed commendable performances across the board.

Inland Ports: The Heroes of Swift Goods Movement

Enter the rail-served inland ports, with Inland Port Greer taking center stage. In October, it wasn’t just about breaking records; it was about shattering them like glass. Inland Port Greer played its part by handling a record-breaking 17,000 containers, showcasing a jaw-dropping 42% surge compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, Inland Port Dillon wasn’t far behind, flaunting a robust 31% growth and skillfully managing 3,148 containers.

Rail-Served Inland Ports: Efficiency and Sustainability

Why the spotlight on rail-served inland ports? These powerhouses ensure swift access to inland markets, ensuring goods flow seamlessly to and from the Port of Charleston. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s also about being environmentally savvy by choosing the eco-friendly route of transporting more cargo via rail.

The Future Unfolds: SC Ports’ Commitment to Growth

Looking ahead, SC Ports stands firm in its commitment to expand and elevate its infrastructure. The ongoing expansion project at Inland Port Greer, set to double cargo capacity and boost rail capabilities, speaks volumes about this dedication. Simultaneously, the construction of the rail-served Navy Base Intermodal Facility in North Charleston is in full swing, with a grand opening scheduled for 2025. This facility, designed as an additional feeder for the inland ports, will seamlessly cater to both CSX and Norfolk Southern.

“As companies spread their wings, setting up shop in South Carolina and across the Southeast, SC Ports reciprocates by investing in critical port infrastructure. It’s all about fortifying and sustaining this growth,” emphasized Miller.

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