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(Germany warehouse Location)

Germany E-commerce Warehouse Location

Located at the junction of three important European borders, namely NRW at the junction of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the state has a network of highways, railways and waterways in all directions. The unique traffic conditions provide a strong guarantee for logistics. It is adjacent to important European ports and airports, half an hour’s drive to Neuss port, one hour’s drive to Cologne-Bonn Airport, and only one meter away from Amazon DUS4.

GermanyNeuss port3630 minutes


6048 minutes

Cologne-Bonn Airport

801 hour
BelgiumLiege Airport1001 hour
NetherlandsSchiphol Airport2102 hours
BelgiumAntwerp port1602 hours
NetherlandsRotterdam port2202.5 hours
Amazon WarehouseWarehouse CodeDistance/KmDrive
Amazon WarehouseDUS40.752 minutes
Amazon WarehouseEDE4/DUS26030 minutes
Amazon WarehouseDTM21101 hour
Amazon WarehouseCGN1CGN11.5 hours

Germany E-commerce Warehouse Detail

It covers an area of 15,000 square meters, with a storage area of 6,050 square meters and a height of 8 meters. It can accommodate 5,500+ pallets and 160+ containers, with sufficient storage capacity.

GR E-commerce  Warehouse

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