JiuFang French E-commerce Warehouse

(French warehouse Location)

French E-commerce Warehouse Location

The warehouse is located in Fleury Les Aubrais in 45 provinces, surrounded by highways, and it is convenient for delivery to major platforms in France and Europe

FrenchCharles de Gaulle Airport1572 hours
BelgiumLiege Airport4845 hours
FrenchLE HARVE port3003.5 hours
BelgiumANTWERP port4875.5 hours
Amazon WarehouseWarehouse CodeDistance/KmDrive
Amazon WarehouseORY18.815 minutes
Amazon WarehouseCDG71832 hours
Amazon WarehouseBVA12673 hours
CdiscountBAT 3B1341.5 hours
CdiscountBAT13243 hours
CdiscountBAT A/B/C/D/E4935.5 hours

French E-commerce Warehouse Detail

6000 square meters, can accommodate 4000+ pallets, 80+ containers, in addition to the open stocking area, receiving and shipping area and office area.

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